KELLI CRAWFORD (kayceemonee)

Founded in: 2020

Headquarters (HQ): New York, NY

KELLI CRAWFORD (kayceemonee)

When it comes to fashion, I don’t believe in rules. Fashion is art, expression, confidence.

My niche is bringing out my athlete’s personalities through unique custom-fitted pieces. Every athlete I work with is elite and one-of-a-kind, and so are the creations we make together. My favorite part of the entire process is that magical moment I see their faces light up when trying on their custom outfit for the first time. They not only look amazing, but the confidence they exude is somewhat of a mic drop moment.

So far, our free throw percentage is 100%, and after all, why be ordinary, when you can be EPIQ?

Founder and CEO of EPIQ Custom

KELLI CRAWFORD (kayceemonee)

Rookie Style Files with Elijah Hughes

ProTrending gets an inside look into the fashion style of Utah Jazz’s Elijah Hughes. A deep look into his 2020 NBA Draft look, a custom outfit by Kelli Crawford of EPIQ Customs.

BY: Katia Dragotis




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