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153 NFL

HT/WT 6'1 - 212 lbs
Jun 06, 1992
SPORT Football
Status active


In a small South Carolina town, just shy of Clemson University, DeAndre Hopkins grew a love for the game of football, spending endless hours outside playing with his three siblings. It’s said that DeAndre’s hands grew faster than his body and by just age eight, he was dominating the peewee football leagues. DeAndre also excelled on the basketball court, playing all four years for his high school team and winning a State Championship his senior season. He was widely recruited, but stayed close to home, playing for the Clemson Tigers. As a true freshmen at Clemson, DeAndre made an early impact for the Tigers, finishing the season as the team’s leading receiver. Continuing that dominance in his sophomore season, DeAndre then went on to have one of the best receiving seasons in ACC history during his 2012 junior season. It came as no surprise, that DeAndre decided to forego his senior season and declare for the NFL.


With the 27th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans selected DeAndre Hopkins. Despite inconsistent quarterback play, DeAndre had a personal successful rookie season and was named All-Rookie team in 2013. In the first six seasons of his career, DeAndre had the most receptions of any player, with 528. DeAndre received his first Pro Bowl honors in 2015 and has since gone on to be selected every season, except 2016. He was first team All-Pro for three connective seasons starting in 2017. Despite finishing first in the AFC South in 2019, the Texans  lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs, and tensions were high in Texas. In March of 2020, DeAndre Hopkins was traded to the Arizona Cardinals and Hopkins secured a lucrative 2-year deal in Phoenix. DeAndre continued to dazzle crowd-less stadiums in the odd 2020 season, while also breaking records. In November 2020, DeAndre broke new teammate Larry Fitzgerald’s record, by becoming the youngest player to reach 700 catches. 


DeAndre Hopkins’ love for fashion is a deep journey, that stems from his childhood in South Carolina and an early appreciation for fine goods. Times were tight for DeAndre’s family growing up, but when Christmas and Birthday money rolled around, a young Hopkins would use his at the department story, “inspecting” fabrics for durability. Much like his on-the-field catching abilities, fashion is a jaw-dropping show for DeAndre. Style for DeAndre is deeply personal, and has been quoted saying that he, “doesn’t believe in stylists.”


  • His nickname is Nuk because as a baby that’s the only brand pacifier DeAndre would use
  • He played one season on the Clemson basketball team.











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