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153 NFL

HT/WT 6'5 - 245 lbs
Nov 05, 1989
SPORT Football
Status active


Cameron “Cam” Jerrell Newton was born on May 11, 1989 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Football was already in his blood, as his father Cecil Newton Sr. was a part of the pre-season rosters for the Dallas Cowboys (1983) & Buffalo Bills (1984). Cecil Newton Jr., Cam’s older brother, also played in the NFL as a center. His younger brother Caylin played QB for Howard University and is now a WR for Cam’s alumni, the Auburn Tigers. In high school Cam played for Westlake High in Atlanta, where he started to get strong recognition during his junior year. He threw for 2500 yards & 23 touchdowns, ran for 638 yards & nine touchdowns and subsequently received a five-star prospect rating.


By the beginning of his senior year Newton had already committed to the University of Florida. Unfortunately, at Florida he was backing up the eventual Heisman winner in Tim Tebow and received minimal playing time. During Cam’s sophomore year in 2008, he was arrested on felony charges for stealing a laptop and ended up being suspended from the team. Following the incident, he transferred to a junior college called Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. He led the team to a championship and was the highest recruited junior college QB in the country. Cam then signed with the Auburn Tigers, where he won multiple awards including the Heisman trophy and a national championship. Drafted number one overall in the 2011 NFL draft, Newton lived up to the hype bringing the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl in 2015 while winning MVP the same season. 


Cam Newton may have one of the boldest styles in the NFL, frequently recognized for his eye-grabbing hats. But don’t let the hats fool you, from top to bottom Cam is meticulous in his style. Whether it be a perfectly tailored suit with some Gucci loafers and no-show socks, or a floral button down with a bandana tied around his neck, the vision is always there. He says that he doesn’t get dressed for anybody else’s approval, but instead sees fashion as a form of self-expression. One may love or hate the most recent Cam Newton fit pic, but it will always make you think.


  • Football in the fam! Cam's dad spent time in '83 and '84 NFL camps and his brother, Cecil was a center in the NFL.
  • Cereal Connoisseur! Cam LOVES Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.









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