July 19, 2021 - ProTrending - News

Lebron James’ Space Jam Surprises in Box Office, Will He Catch Jordan’s Classic?

By: ProTrending Staff
July 19, 2021

Space Jam 2 has been one of the most highly anticipated movie releases since LeBron announced it. With Michael Jordan’s Space Jam grossing over $250 million, LeBron is hoping to knock that number out of the water.  Space Jam 2 has already surpassed $30 million, about as much as “Godzilla VS Kong”. The reviews on the movie have been mixed, with Rotten Tomato critics giving it a 38% and the audience giving it an 81%. Its surprising box office numbers give it the top grossing spot this weekend over the Scarlett Johansson led, Black Widow. Featuring cameos from some of Warner Bros most classic characters spanning across its many imaginary universes, you’ll be sure to see one of your favorites.


Throughout the movie we see LeBron and cast wearing some fashionable outfits, most of which are not far off from his daily attire in real life. “Dom,” played by Cedric Joe, was even sporting an Ami Paris hoodie. 

Nike also dropped an entire Space Jam collection which includes jerseys, sneakers, and hoodies but the main attraction is the LeBron 18’s. The  ‘Wile E. vs Roadrunner Space Jams’ is a mismatched shoe combo that follows the classic multiverse plot of Space Jam. The collection is selling quickly, and surely LeBron is expecting quite a few more ticket sales to come, as well. While outdoing Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam” 11s impact on the sneaker culture may arguably be impossible, will LeBron’s debut as a lead actor surpass Michael’s? Only time will tell.