July 20, 2021 - ProTrending - News

NHL Prospect Becomes League’s First Openly Gay Player

By: TJ Gomes
July 20, 2021

Luke Prokop, a prospect of the Nashville Predators and member of the Calgary Hitmen, announced on Monday via Instagram that he is openly gay. Prokop in a very well-written statement said that he hopes this will allow him to live an “authentic life” while chasing his NHL dream.

We have seen players come out across all different leagues, but the NHL community is giving an amazing amount of support to Prokop. The NHL took it upon themselves to follow up Luke’s announcement with a donation of $100k to LGBTQ+ organizations of his choice. This is not the first time the NHL has given back to the LQBTQ+ community as this past season was the start of the NHL’s Pride Game. For warmups of the game, players come out in special jerseys along with rainbow-colored tape on their sticks. The NHL has pushed the saying over the last few years “Hockey is for everyone”, to allow people to tell their stories in the hockey community.

At just 19 years of age, Luke Prokop showed a huge amount of courage to become the first openly gay player in the league. The NHL community took to social media right away to show support and congratulate him. Past players, current players, teams, and fans all made him feel accepted as a hockey player just like everyone else. Luke will be a huge inspiration to young athletes in all sports and especially hockey because of his courage.