Tackling Fashion with Vikings' Anthony Harris

Tackling Fashion with Vikings' Anthony Harris

Fashion, while widely interpreted, is often a reflection of the deeper core of an individual. A stylish and sometimes calculated conversation with the world, that parallels an internal monologue. For Minnesota Vikings’ safety Anthony Harris, his style story is both a reflection of growth and an understanding of his roots. As Anthony details the emergence of his appreciation for fashion, there’s an elevated level of thoughtfulness that fuels every story he tells; a calculated appreciation for the question at hand. That story begins in Harris’ hometown of Richmond, Virginia. 


Anthony Harris NFL Fashion style

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 09: Minnesota Vikings, Anthony Harris attends New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion NYFW February 2020 – Front Row February 9 at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on February 09, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Meera Fox/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)


“I’ve always had a passion for art. I remember from elementary school up til high school, art was always something I was, pretty good at. As far as expressing myself, sometimes I would go for abstract things and different projects and it would turn out very well and I was often recognized for it. I’ve always had that ability to create a little bit, but as I got older, and my interests started to peak towards sports, I think I might have lost some of that creativity in terms of creating the art and painting. But, I’ve always had that eye for developing or being able to spot and appreciate different forms of art work.”


An undrafted free agent in 2015, Harris turned his attention towards finding success in the league; which he soon found. In a post-practice interview with Anthony at the 2019 Vikings training camp, I inquired about his fashion style. It was evident that his focus was still primarily on football, but a glimmer of intrigue sparked as he stated, “if I come to work feeling pretty good in what I’m wearing, it just does something with the energy.”

Anthony Harris NFL Fashion Style

Harris allowed the lowest quarterback passer rating in the league at his position in the last two seasons, and 2019 was an even greater shift. Six interceptions and posting the highest-graded rankings for a safety in the league in PFF statistics; that confidence on the field flooded freedom for Harris to let his personality shine. “I think it just changed once I got more stability. Earlier in my career it was just about coming in, trying to be super focused on the game. And then as I started to develop myself and my career started to grow, that fashion part and the pregame ritual came to be, and that’s where it started to peak off this year.”

“I started to have more fun on the field and that translated to having more fun off the field. Part of that was the growing aspect and showing people more of who I am as a person. I tried to use fashion to try to express that, and display a little bit about who I am, how my character can be reflected in my clothes.” That shift of revealing more of his character through fashion became a staple in his game day routine. “Once Saturday rolls around and we get ready to come in and we prepare for whenever the game is, that’s kind of when I hit a refresh button. I compile everything I’ve done in terms of preparation for the game and I also complete what I’m going to wear, how that makes me feel. That kind of clicks me into that game day mindset. It takes me to a whole new place.”

Anthony Harris Vikings NFL Fashion Style

Anthony tells me that it’s the versatility of his personality that shines through most in his style. The base of his fashion interests stems from not only that but the creative nature of his past. “When I go out to shop and find clothes, or I see individual pieces, I don’t particularly look for brands as I do look for a particular look or style or how that material or design might make a statement. My approach is, I want to buy something that I can hang onto for a while and I can wear it a different number of times and it will never go out of style.”


Whether it’s learning the background of a designer, or decorating his homes with pieces from local artists, it really boils down to an appreciation for expression with Anthony Harris. “I’ve learned to do a little bit more research on the actual designers, see what they actually stand for, what’s their background and I think that too also gives it much more of an appreciation for myself. Raf Simmons pieces and the artsy expression that it has, with the different pictures on a lot of different materials was really cool.” Noting that it’s the subtle nuances in clothing that tend to grab his eye, he has really gravitated to the blended patterns that designer Greg Lauren produces. “I really like Greg Lauren’s style. Oftentimes, he tends to blend military patterns or kind of like an Indian reservation type cloth with a blend of laid back atmosphere.”


“I like taking different cultures and adding them to my style, expressing a little bit of who I am and the diversity that we all share.” Having an opportunity to not only attend, but walk in his first New York Fashion week this off season, only further captured his curiosity within the creative world. Harris reveled in the various settings he found himself in, adding to his style along the way. “To be able to get the perspective as someone who’s partaking in a show and as someone who’s a spectator, to the different behind the scenes scenarios; getting to interact with different designers and see where their creativity draws from and their passion, it’s really inspiring.”

He went on to tell me that his style reflects the various environments he’s been a part of thus far. Curious what that would look like in styled details, I challenged himself to create the fit; which he nailed. So I’ll leave you with the words of Anthony Harris of his life through fashion:

“Unique jeans. Comparing it to how I grew up, to now. Amiri jeans I’d say, the design of the ripped jeans or maybe having two different type fabrics, one underneath having a different type of print. I think that would represent my childhood growing up. Kinda being that kid who wore nice clothes to school, went outside during recess, played football and came home with grass stains and my mom would get a little frustrated with me. So, I would parallel something like that, where it’s a nice material but still has that rugged side of it. As far as a top, I would pick something that maybe had a hood on it. Just because of my childhood, I felt like I was a very expressive kid, but felt that I could be shy. So I think that would symbolize that idea that I could be this hooded figure, but often, I could flip the hood back so you could see a bit of my face, so you can see a little bit of my personality and who I am. And today, the growth could be having a hood on top but not having a hood up at all, I think that would show the progression of my life. Growing from someone who’s trying to develop himself, trying to be open to take on new cultures, new environments around him, and then blossoming into a person that’s taken a little bit of everything he’s learned in life and make that visible for everyone else to learn from.”

Anthony Harris NFL Fashion Style

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