Fashionable Five NBA All-Star Eastern Conference: Sneaker Edition

Fashionable Five NBA All-Star Eastern Conference: Sneaker Edition


NBA All Stars 2021

The NBA’s All-Stars Rock Can’t-Miss Sneaker Styles Way Before the Weekend. Look Back and See What’s hot, What Flopped and What Popped.

Nike KYRIE 5 "Ikhet" NBA All Star Kyrie Irving Fashion

Nike KYRIE 5 “Ikhet”

Nike Kyrie 5 "Orion's Belt" NBA All Star Kyrie Irving Fashion

Nike Kyrie 5 “Orion’s Belt”

Concepts x KYRIE 6 "Golden Mummy" NBA All Star Kyrie Irving Fashion

Concepts x KYRIE 6 “Golden Mummy”

Concepts x KYRIE 6 "Khepri" NBA All Star Kyrie Irving Fashion

Concepts x KYRIE 6 “Khepri”


Kyrie Irving is at home on the fringe. In his years of partnership with Nike, the Brooklyn Nets point guard has expressed his academic curiosity with his shoe designs. Kyrie often pulls inspiration from realms far from the beaten path. Among his varying interests, Egyptology stands out as a passion. 

Kyrie’s bond with Boston-based street-wear brand Concepts has survived his move to Brooklyn. With Concepts, Kyrie has dropped four collaborations, beginning with the KYRIE 5’s “Ikhet” in 2018. Notice the pyramid silhouette on the outer mid-sole.

Kyrie’s latest drop, announced just this week, is another product of the Kyrie x Concepts connection. The Eye of Horus on the inside panel and hieroglyphs splayed across the design place this yet unnamed KYRIE 7 colorway among his boldest. For a look at Kyrie’s styling his own fits, check out his Pro Locker on ProTrending. These kicks are yet to drop. Shop other styles of the KYRIE 7 here.

Concepts x Nike KYRIE 7 "Ramses" theme

Concepts x Nike KYRIE 7 “Ramses” theme

Concepts x Nike KYRIE 7 "Ramses" theme

Concepts x Nike KYRIE 7 “Ramses” theme

Concepts x Nike KYRIE 7 "Ramses" theme

Concepts x Nike KYRIE 7 “Ramses” theme









Kyrie’s fascination with Egyptology has produced another wild look with the Nike x Concepts KYRIE 7’s collaboration.




Air Jordan 35Jayson Tatum Air Jordan 35

The star studded Jordan Brand NBA roster added two new names this season. And one of them, Washington Wizards point man Bradley Beal, has been named to the NBA All-Star team. According to Jordan, Bradley has been court testing their latest silhouette, the Air Jordan 35’s. Jayson Tatum debuted the newest model last season in the bubble. The 35’s are getting rave reviews from players.

Air Jordan 35 "White Metallic"

Air Jordan 35 “White Metallic”

Air Jordan 35 "Quilted Suede"

Air Jordan 35 “Quilted Suede”

Air Jordan 35 Jade “Guo Ailun”

Air Jordan 35 Jade “Guo Ailun”

“The AJ35’s are great. They’re even better than I expected. I’m usually a low-top guy, but the mids feel just as comfortable,” Beal told the press after his signing with Jordan Brand was announced. But, like many others including fellow All-Star Luka Doncic, the Jordan React Elevations have been the on court kick to beat. “I’m a huge fan of the Jordan React Elevation, too,” Beale continued. “Both shoes are very lightweight and flexible, which I love. On the court, I need to be very nimble. Those shoes provide the stability and flexibility for me to perform to the best of my ability.”

As Bradley continues his attention-snagging play on-court, keep an eye on his ProTrending Locker to stay up to date on his off-court attention-grabbing. Check out the Elevation here and the Air Jordan 35’s here.

Bradley Beal NBA All Star Jordans

Bradley Beal signed his Jordan Brand contract in December. The Beal player exclusive drops will be coming soon. The model he will be tricking out will most likely be the Jordan 35’s, the brand’s latest flagship shoe. But the shoe Bradley has fallen in love with… is also Jordan.



Nike Kevin Durant 13 "ASW Recycled" NBA All Star Nike Kevin Durant 13 "ASW Recycled" NBA All Star Nike Kevin Durant 13 "ASW Recycled" NBA All Star


After a year of watching from the sidelines, Kevin Durant is back. In his second year (first playing) with the Brooklyn Nets, KD is back in All-Star form. Ahead of the slightly delayed All-Star Week break, Nike is dropping a special “Upcycled” colorway for the KD 13’s.

Maintaining their focus of energy return, the “Upcycled” drop continues the minimalistic design of the 12’s uppers to achieve what Nike describes as “a broken-in feeling.” The cushioning is constructed mostly of repurposed materials. To that end, the translucent swirls and pocked imperfections in the soles will be unique from shoe to shoe.


The idea of recycling materials is not a novel concept in footwear, but it is amongst basketball sneaker producers. The science behind the process of reusing materials to make a shoe strong enough to hoop in is exciting. If recycling became an industry standard, imagine the waste reduction.

Whether or not we’ll see the “Upcycled” KD 13 makes its on court appearance next month, check out KD’s growing ProTrending Locker and peep the way the game’s greatest scorer styles off the hardwood. Shop the KD 13 here.

Nike Kevin Durant 13 "ASW Recycled" NBA All Star
For 2021’s All-Star Weekend, Kevin Durant and Nike are dropping a release of the KD 13 using recycled materials, an exciting step in the right direction for planet sustainability.


Giannis Antetokoumpo

Coming off of back to back NBA MVP awards, Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokoumpo is using his spotlight to attack the sneaker game with the same vehemence powering his every drive. Since the 2020-2021 season began, Nike has unveiled almost 10 colorways for the Greek Freak’s Nike Zoom Freak 2. Check out our top five favorites of the last drops. For more of Giannis’ looks off the court, stop by Giannis Antetokoumpo’s  ProTrending Locker.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Denim"

Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Taxi” Release: Feb 25 Retail:$120 A story from Giannis’ rookie year inspired the taxi-cab colorway dominating the uppers. In 2013, as Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix once shared, Antetokounmpo took a cab to a Western Union to send money back to his home in Greece. Without realizing it, Antetokounmpo forwarded so much money to his loved ones that he didn’t have enough for a return taxi. Giannia jogged back to where he was staying, as he had a game to get to.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Denim"

Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Bamo” – Release: Sep 19 2020 Retail: $120 – The “Bamo” colorway came out barely five months ago, but it technically debuted while Giannis was working his way through the NBA Bubble of 2020. Still, the combination of the dark hunter-green uppers, gum-bottom soles and sparing use of contrast keeps this colorway in our top five of the la.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Bred"

Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Bred” Release: Dec 11 2020 Retail: $130 – Nike’s salute to their roots meets the Zoom Freak 2. The iconic black & red colorway, which Nike calls “Bred,” is a nod to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, where the sneaker game was first conceived. The black uppers and soles contrast nicely with the stark-white, oversized swoosh. The swathes of fuzzy red on the detached midsole under the swoosh give the shoe and upscale, modern yet classic feel.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Particle Grey"

Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Particle Grey” Release: Nov. 15 2020 Retail: $130 – “Particle Grey” uppers with black paneling stitched on the inner midsole and a black swoosh detailed with diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs give the colorway a universal palette. White soles do nothing to interrupt that, while a thick, blue, detached outsole – designed for the Euro-step maneuver – provides a pleasant shock of color. This shoe would be an easy match with most wardrobes.


Nike Zoom Freak 2 "MVP"

Nike Zoom Freak 2 “MVP” Release: Jan 22 Retail: $120 – The drop designated to celebrate Giannis’ MVP (his second) and DPoY (Defensive Player of the Year) awards plays with the alphabet letters motif over the heel. Contrasting the “Desert Sand/Sail/Camellia/Gym Red” colorways dominating the uppers, the ocher laces, red swoosh and colorful alphabet over the heel give the kick a versatile appeal, treading the line between loud and composed with style.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 Play For the Future

Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Play For the Future” Release: Feb 6 (Asia only) Retail: $120 – Purple and mint is not an easy color combo to match with. But, with boldness, it can be done. The multi-hued purple, from the tip of the tongue to the midsole, with mint-green paneling is reminiscent of colorways dropped throughout the 90’s. The black soles help pull the scheme together, further aided by the mint freckles in the black swoosh. While not the easiest to pair with a fit, the shoe by itself has an appealing, if not nostalgic, look.

Giannis and Nike have attacked 2021 with a vengeance. The Nike Zoom Freak 2 has had nearly 10 drops in the last six months. We take a look at some of our favorites from the impressive flurry.



Under Armour Embiid One "Origin" Joel Embiid NBA All Star

Joell Embiid finally has his own signature sneaker. The Philadelphia 76ers big man is having himself an All-Star caliber season. Could it be the sneakers? Let’s take a closer look at the new Under Armor UA Embiid One.

Under Armour Embiid One "Origin" Under Armour Embiid One "Origin"

In Under Armor’s release, the Strategic Micro G ® cushioning is mentioned first. The layer of Micro G foam on the outsole is meant to return energy and absorb the force of a hard cut. Under Armor adds that the irregular tread emanating from the heel and big-toe pressure points prevent slippage while cutting.


Support wings over the lateral midsoles reinforce the layered mesh uppers. The idea behind the mesh material used for the paneling was to keep the shoe lighter than such a sturdy model typically would be. The support wings make-up for the tensile strength lost in choosing the more breathable mesh. As an added bonus, the lockdown is further improved. The overall result: a lighter show with enough grip and strength for even the hardest ballers.


Keep an eye on Joel Embiid’s ProTrending Locker for in-depth looks at his flyest fits. Shop the UA Embiid One “Origin” here.

Joel Embid’s partnership with Under Armor has finally culminated in his own kick. The Under Armor Embiid One rolled out this season.

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