Buckeye Boys Fashion in the League: Terry McLaurin & Chase Young

Buckeye Boys Fashion in the League: Terry McLaurin & Chase Young

Styling on a rookie contract in the NFL is different than balling on that sweet second or third contract. Most rookies rock the free gear provided by their new teams. They have houses to buy and lives to start. But, for the flyest, any budget is always enough. The rookies in Washington DC are putting on a drip clinic. The boys from Ohio State University have come into their own.

Wide receiver Terry McLaurin and defensive end Chase Young have exploded onto the national scene. Terry is the team’s hottest receiver, creating almost 20 plays of 20 yards or more while leading the receiving corps in targets and catches. On the defensive side, Chase Young is keeping pace with his college teammate. With seven and a half sacks and a touchdown this season, Chase has added ball-swatting to his list of skills. Four times he’s knocked the ball out of the air before it passes the line of scrimmage. He’s been named a defensive captain in his first season with the Football Team. The way these two rookies are playing, Saturday’s matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be the Football Team’s only playoff appearance in the coming years.

Chase is a mountain of a man at 6’5” 264 pounds. Terry is big for a receiver, 6’0” 219 pounds. Chase’s persona is as big and colorful as his blonde-tipped dreads are. Terry is meticulous, refined and subtle. Both have found a way to flex on a rookie budget with the drip and fly high in their first year as pros. The trick they both use putting together their outfits: basics. They start with the basics, yet never end there. With the basics covered, each adds a dash of their own brand of swagger. The resulting looks are trendy, universal and uniquely individual. Check out some of our favorite looks from their season.

Terry McLaurin Fashion Style NFL Washington Football Chase Young Fashion Style Washington Football

Terry’s white Gucci sneakers contrast subtly with the dark grey trousers and jacket. The subtle contrast is an undertone, making the beige cable-knit sweater the defining piece of this fit. Terry’s fit pops using earthen tones with a dash of white.

Chase rocks plaid trousers with zipper pockets, low-top sneakers and a simple white golf-tee. The simplicity of the shirt and kicks let the bold pants take the spotlight. The suspenders hanging behind are a nice touch. 

Chase Young Fashion Style Washington Football Terry McLaurin Fashion Style NFL Washington Football

Black pants and a black long-sleeve shirt with a chain on top is a vibe. Chase puts his spin on the vogue look, adding a plaid overcoat and color-matched kicks. Again, the patterned piece jumps out with this fit, accentuated by the simplicity of the rest of the ensemble. // Terry worked with a different end of the color spectrum with this fit. White tee, acid washed denim jeans and white Balenciaga trainers is always going to hit. Terry added a Louis Vuitton zip-up hoodie. The hoodie’s white distressed logo pulls the fit together while kicking a little vibrance to the brightness.

Black beanie, black jeans and black boots. Add the black Givenchy crewneck sweater with the white print and we have yet another slick fit from Chase. Solid, basic closet essentials paired with the right focal piece is Fly Style 101. // Terry kills it with the details in this fit. The black Louis Vuitton tee fades into a printed pattern. The charcoal trousers match the logo’s fading into the pattern on the shirt before they all become white. Then note the kicks. The same Gucci sneakers as above, except with new laces. These laces match the pants. For bonus points, peep the LV belt buckle. Masterful.

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