Behind the Seams of Tre Jones' NBA Draft Style

Behind the Seams of Tre Jones' NBA Draft Style

Taking a stylish glimpse into the journey San Antonio Spurs rookie, Tre Jones, is like peering into the process of dreams coming to reality. There’s a warmth that Tre brings to the room as he talks about this next stage in his career, one that communicates a level of self-assurance that can’t be emulated. “I just want to be known for being myself. I’m a family oriented guy, so, being around my family a lot and them meaning the most to me is really important. But also, always being real and humble.” That humble aspect is something that Tre doesn’t need to verbalize, it’s apparent even from a brief encounter with the Apple Valley, Minnesota native.

He’s already making that effort and it’s clear he’s ready to Style Like A Pro, as he’s enlisted the help of stylists Kesha McLeod and Erika Nunez for his premier look as an NBA professional. Tre worked with the stylists to curate a draft night look that will stand out on the virtual draft stage, as well as tell the story of who Tre Jones, the NBA player will be. Kesha echoed what my intuition told me, that Tre gets “it,” ackloweleding the elevated composure the young 20-year-old already possesses. She states, “from doing this for so long and hand picking the guys that I work with, I’m not attracted to working with everyone, this doesn’t come easy. But working with Tre was just seamless, and I love a person that gets it and fits the mold.”

Take a look at Behind the Seams of Tre Jones’ NBA Draft night look:

NBA Tre Jones Fashion Styles NBA Tre Jones Fashion Styles NBA Tre Jones Fashion Styles
Tre Jones 2020 NBA Draft Night Look Preview
Production: Morse Kode
Executive Producer: Kesha McLeod
Key Stylist: Erika Nunez

Brand Details:

Suit & Trench Coat: Valentino

Watch: Tissot

Shoes: Florsheim Shoes

Turtleneck: H&M

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